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You Are my Love

Oh let me tell you a little story about a heartbreaker.
Honey I don't know why you treat me so bad
Well I tried so hard to make you see it my way
Just think of all the good times we had.
But still you only ever want to fight with me.
We got to split apart before we kill
And start to put our minds together
We got to change this hell for leather world
And I will find myself another girl.
We got to put our weapons down.
And spread a little love around.
You know
You are my love
You are my love
Oh, yes you are
You are my love
You are my love
Ain't you the girl who did me wrong behind my back
And tried to keep me double booked
We never seem to cross the tracks
And there's so much that you over-looked about me girl,
Remember, sat down pretty on the windowsill,
And made me swallow on your bitter pill,
You thought the grass was greener over there,
While serpents snaked around your hair,

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