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Time Won't Wait

Hey, time won’t wait for you 
Keeps on ticking away 
Burning up every day 

She was sleeping at the bus stop 
Heaven away 
But our magic in her blue eyes 
Told me she had left her daze 
So I have to chat her wisdom 
And there was no doubt 
I told her I was sitting lonely on request fault 
Future’s gonna catch out 

She said, “Time won’t wait for you.” 
So do all the things you wanted to 
Better hurry up, take it in your stride 
Use your resolution which you’ve been sublime 
And love won’t change you boy, it’s true 
I can tell you till my face blue 
Every second screams, listen to your dreams 
Oh, cause you just can’t stop the pop 

On a brick that I was banging, over my head 
But the sweet rings on my feet now 
Where they once were made of lead 
Do you hear the message in the music now 
I hear it too 
You know, you got your history in the making now 
Slowing down won’t get you through, no no 



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