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I’ve never seen the sky so angry, Star Child 
You’ve got to do something about these, mind crimes 
The shuffling feet and sad expressions, they don’t go 
They don’t go 
I thought you cared but I’m having to sense it 
This angry demand I am to making, bad seeds 
The only thing we haven’t taken, now love needs 
Needs a lot, needs a little 
Five thousand million people, despite you 
I thought you cared but I’m having to game it 
Cause I got your game and you just don’t take it 

Somewhere in the world tonight 
There’s a fire blazing bright 
Keeping from the souvenir 
Sent to us to save the land 
Somewhere in the world today 
A hungry one will kneel to pray 
Wishing all the world to see 
The Starchild 

(Can’t you see) I’ve seen the preachers on the TV, in white sins 
We’re precious stones we’re studded into, their boots 
Can you take the money, can you take the money 
I don’t know who to believe in, is it them or you 
I thought you cared but I’m having to be shameless 
I thought you came, but you just don’t take us 


Got to see him now, oh, when you gonna come 
You’ve got to safe us from what we’ve begun 
(Something we’ve begun) Solo coming down 
The Starchild 


There’s a superman coming, there’s a superman coming 

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