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Morning Glory

All of my visions were untrue
Till I had a vision of you
And untimely end for all
But it was only then, only then that I saw
Saw the morning glory.

Can't you take me there
Can't you take me there
Away from soliloquies of sadness
And prophecies of pain
For us all to see.

I had a vision in my mind
I had a vision of peace
I had a vision of you.
jamiroquai???? / Игорь / 22 Сен, 20:14 MSK
Stuart Zender / Bavaretzzz / 07 Сен, 17:49 MSK
Funk / Gothic_Brother / 30 Авг, 12:04 MSK
Incognito / da boogie / 29 Авг, 22:22 MSK

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