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(Don't) Give Hate A Chance

Why can’t we be together 
Can’t you love me, don’t hate me 
I don’t see, why can’t we live together 
If we could get it on, maybe we can get along 
Should be our destiny 
Love’s a cold streak living inside us 
There’s no fine bows, just bollocks and bones 
If you wanna rise up, change our love inside us 
We can make this hate stop (The name of shame) 
Now don’t you wanna rise up… 

We’ve been giving hate a chance 
We got to hold this love together, you know 
And our love, will be running out for us 
Can you feel the beat, our love 
I hope we’re making steps around 
As the wind, carries every 1/3 of the way 

So why do we see this kind of love 
It’s only scaring me, don’t mean a thing 
So clear, and I meant this way around us 
Can’t you see it’s scary love (2x) 
Can’t you see, it’s scaring me, trigger happy fantasy 
So stop standing up and bring some smoke down 
Freedom is not so far away 
If you know you wanna rise up 
Before until our love’s so lonely 
We can make this hate stop, now don’t you wanna rise up 


Now you’ve been taken our dignity for too long 
I want to save this certainty that we hold 
And who’s right and who’s wrong 
We’re not so different anyway 
What’s ours appears some, can’t we stop the fighting cause 


© 2004-2021 Jamiroquai Russia